In the present times the data is the most important asset of any IT company. Maintaining and protecting data is the most important task. Here at Webguruz we provide secure management solutions which are crucial for increased database performance. We provide various services in the field of Database management right from database design and enhancement, to installation / upgrades, backup / restoration and performance and capacity management, etc.

Webguruz provides performance, administration, and recovery solutions for data management across all major database platforms. These solutions are based on insightful subject matter proficiency that allows you to manage database assets in a centralized, automated, and standard fashion, eliminating redundancies and inefficiencies and reducing the specialized skills required to manage different databases.

We offer services like :

•        Database Maintenance
•        Database Configuration
•        Database Backup and Recovery
•        Problem Resolution
•        Monitoring & Tuning
•        Database Security



Webguruz is an IT Solutions Company providing fully integrated multidisciplinary web services. We are fresh, passionate and low cost web developers, who focus on ground-breaking strategies that generate sustainable value for our clients.

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