Learning and Growth  

The aim of the Webguruz Technologies is to create a learning environment for the trainees and provide opportunities for them to realize their complete potential. Our main objective is to provide the TRAINING IN PHP/ SEO/.NET/JAVA/ WEB DESIGNING to develop a trainee Technically ,Logically and intellectually so that he/she emerges as a responsible and well balanced fully technically skilled citizen who can adjust him/her self in the modern industry as well as be a future entrepreneur.


Personality Development Classes  

Students will also provide with complimentary sessions on Career guidance and personality development by our experts. In PDP classes’ emphasis is laid on character building and development of individual aptitudes for learning and ability to adapt to the society.



Real Industry Working Environment  

The Industrial training in PHP/ SEO/.NET/JAVA/ WEB DESIGNING enables trainees to experience the real industry workplace environment and working process under the company integrated business complex. From the direct involvement trainees able to familiarize and have the clear idea about the real working world that will enter after their graduation.



Gain New Knowledge and Experience  

Throughout the training period Trainees able to gain a lot of new knowledge and valuable experiences which related to corporate world.



Improve Communication and Social Interaction Skills  

Most of the training task involved interaction and need to communicate with superior, others coworkers and operators which also include foreign operators. The enforcement of English language in the working environment improves Communication skills both spoken and written.



Centre of Excellence  

Webguruz has Top notch 6 months Industrial training by highly qualified software engineers. The company has designated IT professional associated with the industry to competently teach to international standards and nurture the technical skills of students so that they are industry compliant.



Valuable experience on "Live Projects"  

We are providing real time exposure to students on LIVE Project which helps them gain in-depth knowledge of the technology. If you decide to do training with Webguruz you would have an opportunity to work with the team of experienced developers with their full guidance and support. Our training includes both class room as well as lab training. During Industrial Training Program we provide Live Industrial Projects to trainee, which is very helpful for the future prospects. Training program basically insists upon developing the student's ability to working in a team and company environment.



Placements Opportunities  

Once you start grabbing a good knowledge of Technology, you will put on the live project. After completion of your Six months Industrial Training we will assure you that you will gain good knowledge and experience on Live projects Candidates who perform satisfactorily will be hired by the company itself.


So, don't go anywhere else. Come and lets start your career with us. We assure you that you will get the best Industrial Training in Chandigarh.